Oral surgery.

Oral surgery

The most common oral surgical procedures are common and complicated tooth extraction, impacted (non-grown) and impacted wisdom teeth, resection (apicoectomy) of roots and extraction of roots and broken teeth.

Oral surgery includes surgery, gum reconstruction aesthetic and functional disorders of the oral cavity. In recent years, oral surgery includes more dental implants, which are considered the pinnacle of dentistry. Wisdom teeth. Patients often are not even aware of the wisdom teeth in their mouths because they do not bother and do not hurt. During the eruption, wisdom teeth can cause Pericoronitis or inflammation of the gums. Sometimes it's enough just to clean but in case of complications surgical tooth extraction is necessary.

Resection (apicoectomy) of the root. In case of treatment failure of tooth roots (endodontics) the rehabilitation of chronic granuloma it is recommended resection of or removal of the tip of the tooth root. After removal of the top of the tooth root, the canal is filled and thus closes completely. Filling is usually carried out through the crown of the tooth, and in some cases, and over the top of the shorter root. Cysts are abnormal cavities that are lined with tissue and filled with fluid. They can be developed in the jaw and soft tissue (lip, cheek ...).

In the jaws are two types of cysts commonly occur, these are radicular cysts (dental cysts on top of the root) and follicular cysts. Dental cysts in most cases begin to grow without symptoms until they reach the appropriate size, or when they fall into a state of acute infection. As they grow, cysts gradually absorb surrounding bone and can weaken the jaw, damage to adjacent healthy teeth to penetrate the adjacent anatomical structures (sinus, nose) and make serious complications. Surgically we remove the entire cyst or just part of it.

Augmentation. To get high-quality and long-term compensation, whether implant or conventional prosthetic implant, bone quality must be adequately compensate for.

Upgrade bone (bone graft) is the process of re-creating the lost bone using a mixture of their own and artificial bones, and aims to complete the restoration of bone. Sinus Lift Sinus lift is a surgical intervention that raises the sinus cavity in order to obtain a sufficient amount of bone for implant placement. This procedure is done in situations where there is no possibility of implant placement in the classical way. Requires working under sterile conditions, and it is one of the more complex interventions in dentistry.


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