Laser in dentistry.

Laser in dentistry

Lasers and laser technologies are now used in numerous medical and dental indications. The effect of laser on soft tissue provides less invasive, surgery without blood, a minimum of postoperative complications and intervention without pain.

Hard tissue lasers enable efficient diagnosis of caries and increase resistance of enamel to caries, provide efficient enamel conditioning, high-quality cavity preparation and polymerization of the material.

Laser effectively sterilize cleaned and treated root canals and thus for 70% achieved a better result in root canal treatment in relation to the classical mechanical and chemical treatment. In daily practice, it is very convenient for carrying out teeth whitening procedures. With laser whitening, intervention time is much shorter, about 20 minutes.

Sensitivity teeth, which normally occurs after teeth whitening with the lamp is considerably shortened or completely absent. Whitening effects are better.

The gels used in these types of whitening are based on carbamide peroxide approved by the ADA American Dental Association and FDI world dental associations as well as with other methods (only the higher concentration of the gel), but the intensity of the laser is considerably stronger than lamp whitening. Thus the penetration of oxygen, which is released from activated gel is three times better and penetrates deeper into the structure of the tooth and mechanically removes pigments from the tooth structure.

The laser is shown to have a great effect closing hypersensitive dentin surfaces. Patients suffering from dentinal hypersensitivity having a plurality of open tubules and their diameter is larger. Compared with conventional fluoridation, a combined laser radiation and fluoridation appear to be effective in treating teeth hypersensitivity.

Diode lasers is specifically used for soft tissue in periodontal disease (gum treatment). Lasers have been shown in many studies to be effective as antibacterial instruments. Toxins emitted by the bacteria are destroyed by laser energy.

Laser-assisted scaling and root cleaning reduce pockets and establish health of the oral cavity. Lasers can be used for cleaning and sterilizing any surgical-site.


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