Pediatric and preventive dentistry.

Pediatric and preventive dentistry

Pediatric Dentistry (Pedodontics) is the branch of dentistry dealing with growth and development of the oral cavity and jaws in children, and the prevention and rehabilitation of caries.

Prevention is something on which we place the greatest emphasis in children's dentistry, because at this age it is important to develop hygienic habits. The most important are regular dental visits, which should be enjoyable and fun for the child.

Check-ups of children are carried out immediately after the growth of primary teeth, and this approach may be the time to notice possible changes and advise parents about the importance of preventive measures in maintaining oral health which includes:

  • Proper brushing of teeth and a selection of brushes and toothpaste
  • Proper nutrition and elimination of bad habits
  • The importance of preserving healthy primary teeth
  • Education on circular caries phenomenon sucking the bottle
  • Professional fluoridation
  • Early recognition of malocclusion
  • Fissure seal and protection

Preventive dental procedures such as tooth fluoride varnish coating and fissure seal in permanent teeth, are completely painless. Regular visits to the dentist should ensure that children with healthy teeth welcome the phase of adolescence.


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Pediatric and preventive dentistry.

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